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It is absolutely amazing how far you can take SharePoint without the need to open up Visual Studio and write code. Our no-code business solutions focus on using out-of-the-box technologies and capabilities as much as possible to deliver robust and maintainable systems.

Workflows – SharePoint Designer or Nintex

Workflows are an essential part of all business processes. Automated workflows streamline the cost and time required to manage common business practices and help organizations adhere to consistent business procedures. We take advantage of a combination of out-of-the-box functionality and customized workflow building tools such as SharePoint Designer and Nintex to deliver automated processes that will save you time and money and let the business get back to doing what they do best.

Forms – InfoPath or Nintex

All business processes involve gathering data of some kind. The success of any business process relies on the quality and integrity of that data. By using forms design tools such as InfoPath and Nintex, we build “smart” forms with embedded business logic and rules to ensure that only valid, quality data is collected in a good looking, intuitive, easy to fill out format. Garbage in – garbage out? Eliminated!